Energy Tax Credits

Federal Solar Tax Credit – Available through 2021 The U.S. government offers a Solar Tax Credit, 25D, for homeowners who purchase and install equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity. What it covers Up to 9% of the total retail cost* of the Solar-Ready Heat Pump or Air Conditioner that’s at the heart of…

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Why do you need Maintenance Agreement?

Summer may not be here yet. But it’s not too early to think about tuning up your AC units.  Spring is the ideal time to have your AC inspected by your local heating and air conditioning contractor. Many times, the minor issues may turn major if you don’t resolve them in a good time &…

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Does your local HVAC contractor offer financing?

Worried about the cost of a new air conditioner or furnace? Luckily, many contractors offer financing that can help make your new system a reality. Financing is a great way to get a brand new air conditioner you want , worry-proof from cost of unexpected repairs, unlocking savings through reduced energy usage when  comparing to…

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Spring is here…

Are you ready for the warmer weather ? As temperatures rise, you want to make sure your air conditioner is in good working order.. Schedule spring preventative maintenance to ensure proper cooling system operation. A contractor can catch minor issues before they become big problems. But, your air conditioner is only one piece of the…

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Normal and Abnormal HVAC Noises

Concerned by the noises coming out of your heating and air conditioning equipment? There are some noises that can alert you to issues in your heating and cooling equipment while other noises are just a result of day-to-day operation. Sometimes, it can be hard to discern a normal noise from an abnormal noise. Make sure…

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When Is a Deal Too Good to Be True

If it sounds like an HVAC contractor is offering you a deal that is too good to be true, wait… & ask your self some questions. 1/ What brand name are they using? When it comes to heating and air conditioning equipment, quality is key. And, quality sometimes means paying a little more upfront. 2/…

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Small Energy-Saving Habits

Are you scared of your monthly utility bills? Here are some smaller things you can do to help lower/control your monthly utility expenses. 1. Turn off the lights when you aren’t in a room. 2. Lower or raise the temperature your thermostat is set at (depending on the season). 3. Keep all your vents and…

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